Licenses & Permits

Required Permits & Licenses

The City of Osawatomie requires licenses and permits for the following. Not finding what you need? Please call City Hall at (913) 755 - 2146 and we'd be glad to assist you!

  • Alcoholic and Cereal Malt Beverage - Businesses are required to obtain a license for sale of retail liquor and/or cereal malt beverages in unopened containers and for consumption of alcoholic and cereal malt beverages. 
  • Animal License - A license is required for all dogs and cats over six months old. Proof of rabies vaccination and/or microchip number is required.
  • Boating License - A license is required to put a boat on the Osawatomie or Beaver Lake. Osawatomie does not issue boating Licenses. 
  • Fishing License - A license is required to fish at the Osawatomie or Beaver Lake. Proof of a state fishing license is required.
  • Camping Permit - Required for overnight camping at either John Brown Memorial Park or Osawatomie City Lake. "Camping" means in a tent, temporary shelter, or other equipment or gear. To get a permit please contact (913) 755-2146 ext.100 or stop by our Utilities Office with the following information: name, drivers license, address, vehicle license # and description, where you are wanting to stay and how many days. For after-hours camping permits, please visit the Osawatomie Police Station at 105 E Main Street.
  • Fireworks Permit - Persons operating a fireworks stand are required to obtain a permit for the sale of approved Class C fireworks.
  • Solicitor's License - Required when an individual engages in the business of a peddler, solicitor, or canvasser by going from door to door taking or attempting to take orders for sale of goods or have products available with them.
  • Annual Fowl Permit - The City permits certain fowl to be kept within City limits. A permit needs to be submitted to Code Enforcement for inspection and other documentation before being submitted to the City Clerk for payment.