Utility Billing


The city's utility billing division is responsible for the monthly billing and collection of water, sewer and electric services. All three services are billed on a single, monthly statement.

Billing, Cut-Off Deadlines

For billing purposes, City bills are mailed on the last working day of the month and charges cover services for the preceding month. Bills are due and payable upon receipt and will be considered delinquent if payment is not received on or before the end of business day on the 15th. The daily cut-off times for payments are:

  • Drop Box - 3:30pm
  • Kiosk, Online, Phone - 4:00pm
  • If the 15th day falls on a weekend or holiday, then payment is due the next business day.

Ways to Make Payments - *Please Note: ALL Card Transactions Incur a 2.75% Processing Fee*

  • OFFICE (509 5th Street) – Credit card, cash, check, money order, and cashier’s check
  • 24/7 SELF-SERVICE KIOSK (Office Exterior) – Credit card, cash (no coin), check, money order, and cashier’s check
  • DROP BOX (Alley Behind City Hall) – Check, money order, and cashier’s check
  • ONLINE - Click Here
  • PHONE (Automated System) – 1-833-264-1121
  • ACH BANK DRAFT (Prior Set-Up Required) – Drafted on the 14th of the month

The department is also responsible for water account connections, disconnections, meter-reading, bill collections, utility transfers and refunds. For general utility billing information or to apply for city utilities, call us at 913-755-2146 or visit our office on the west side of City Hall at 509 5th Street.


Before utility services can be connected, a security deposit is required. The deposit rates are: $200 for residential accounts and $75 for senior-citizen housing accounts. Business accounts start at $300. Customers will also need to provide:

  • Name
  • Service address
  • Mailing address
  • Phone number
  • Photo ID
  • Social Security number
  • Signed lease agreement
  • Signed utility agreement

In the event a new tenant is moving in from out of town, applications may be completed, notarized and faxed to 913-755-4164.

For more information, read the city's current Utility Billing Rules and Procedures.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Kim Coffelt Billing Clerk
Hannah Rone Billing Clerk