Wastewater Treatment

The City of Osawatomie Wastewater Treatment plant is located east of town. It has a design capacity of 560,000 gallons per day, a max dry weather flow of 780,000 gallons per day and a wet-weather (rain) capacity of 1,800,000 gallons per day. The Wastewater Treatment Plant treats all waste streams (domestic, commercial and industrial) and discharges to the Marais des Cygnes River. The wastewater treatment plant provides treatment for biochemical oxygen demand, suspended solids, ammonia, nitrate and phosphorous. In addition to treatment for these wastes, the wastewater treatment plant provides disinfection of wastewater through the use of ultraviolet lights.

Wastewater Collections

The City of Osawatomie wastewater collections system conveys the sanitary sewer discharges from residences and businesses to the wastewater treatment plant. The collections system consists of approximately 25 miles of buried pipes, 429 manholes, and four lift stations. The collections crew maintain the sewer and clear blockages using a vac-trailer and a jetting machine. The collections crew is staffed by three operators. These employees also handle the water distribution system.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Bruce Hurt Wastewater Senior Operator (913) 755-2153