Solid Waste Service

The City of Osawatomie requires trash and recycling services as part of our City Code. Through our partnership with Waste Management, multiple community pickup days are coordinated throughout the year.

The City of Osawatomie has contracted solid waste removal and recycling services for residents. Our current contract is with Waste Management. Residential trash billing is collected annually on the property tax bill, mailed in November of the preceding year.

All built residential lots in the City are provided a 95-gallon cart from Waste Management for solid waste pickup. Recycling containers are available from Waste Management, or residents are welcome to use personal containers clearly labeled as “RECYCLING.”

There is no limit on the amount of recycling residents are allowed to set out, but trash and other solid waste is limited to the provided 95-gallon cart unless otherwise stickered (overage stickers for additional bags are available through our Utilities Dept.). For larger families or residences, an additional 95-gallon cart can be rented from Waste Management directly.