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Qualified Opportunity Zone

“The Qualified Opportunity Zone is a powerful incentive that the city is excited to layer with existing incentives like the Neighborhood Revitalization District. Our focus is on making deals happen.”
- Mike Scanlon, City Manager, City of Osawatomie

As the Opportunity Measurement Report 360 indicates, the City of Osawatomie and its region has its share of challenges. By effectively administering the Qualified Opportunity Zone program, the city hopes to turn the tide by creating jobs that enable workers to invest in homes creating a more stable environment for their families.

They hope to build on the growing sense of security, hopefulness and community pride also reflected in the Opportunity report.

The district includes almost 200 acres of development ready property owned by the City of Osawatomie. The land is zoned industrial. Current parcel sizes are 77 acres, 60 acres and 57.5 acres. Each can be subdivided. City incentive policies allow for the ground to be gifted to investors based on their anticipated investment and job growth.

The location is within the Greater Kansas City Foreign Trade Zone.

Within this area, the City of Osawatomie is largely focused on the full range of industrial tenants or heavy commercial users. Examples include manufacturers, distribution and sorting processes, contractor yards, and call centers. The location allows for multiple workforce shifts, outside storage and moderate noise generators.

This site is adjacent to US 169 Highway, a four-lane highway with a diamond interchange that provides direct connections to Kansas City and Tulsa, OK.

  • Nearest Interstate: I-35; 30 miles
  • Nearest 4-Lane Highway: US 169 Highway; 1 mile
  • Nearest Commercial Airport: Kansas City International Airport;  67 miles
  • Nearest Port: Port KC; 51 miles
  • Nearest Intermodal: Logistics Park Kansas City; 30 miles

The site’s proximity to two intermodal facilities is a huge advantage. Logistics Park Kansas City is located on BNSF Railway’s transcontinental main line. From the proposed site, carriers can make a round trip, including onsite time, in less than 90 minutes.

Qualified Opportunity Zone Map

Osawatomie Opportunity Zone Google Map

Local area drive times from Osawatomie

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Demographic breakdowns of the Qualified Opportunity Zone:

Tax Increment Financing Policy

In the summer of 2020, the Governing Body of the City of Osawatomie approved and adopted Council Policy No. 104 regarding Tax Increment Financing.

The City recognizes that the proper use of Tax Increment Financing can promote, stimulate and develop the general and economic welfare of and quality of life in the City. The City is committed to the high quality and balanced growth and development of the community; to preserving the City’s unique character and distinctive atmosphere; and to revitalizing and redeveloping areas of the City.

Although the City does not encourage the practice of subsidizing private businesses with public funds, insofar as the City’s objectives are substantially advanced by the expansion of the tax base and enhancement of the local economy, the City will consider, on a case-by-case basis, the approval of TIF projects where, but for the availability of TIF, such projects would not be economically viable. It is the policy of the City that any decision regarding the approval of TIF projects will be made in accordance with the guidelines, criteria, and procedures outlined in this Policy.

Nothing herein shall imply or suggest that the City be under any obligation to approve a TIF project for any applicant.

For more information on City incentives, please contact:

Staff Contacts

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Ed Beaudry Community Development Director (913) 755-2146 Ext. 102
Michael Scanlon City Manager (913) 755-2146 Ext. 107