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Culture Preservation Grant Looking for Local Floodwater Tales
rivers of change

In the fall of 2022, the Osawatomie Public Library received a $10,000 Culture Preservation grant from Humanities Kansas (you can read the formal announcement here) to record and preserve stories that are unique to our community. The grant project is called "Rivers of Change: Surviving Floods in Osawatomie" and focuses on Osawatomie's long history with floodwaters and life between two rivers. Dr. Menefee, the Director of Osawatomie Public Library, is seeking personal stories from anyone in the community related to floods, growing up along the riverbanks, or simply the unique ways that rivers have impacted our daily lives. The stories can be personal memories or family tales, as long as they're local to Osawatomie.

Memories and stories will be recorded and compiled into an heirloom archive for the community at the culmination of the project. We are also looking for artifacts, photos, or other memorabilia that could be copied or photographed as part of the archive. Storytellers can choose from the following formats:

  • audio recording (audio is preserved and used for public display)
  • written transcription captured from an audio recording (audio is destroyed after transcription)
  • video recording (used for public display)
  • handwritten/typed by the storyteller themselves (light editing can be provided for length or clarity)

If you or someone you know has a story to tell about life between two rivers, we'd love to hear it and preserve it for future generations! To volunteer, please contact Dr. Menefee or the Osawatomie Public Library to coordinate your contribution, and please share this great opportunity with local friends and family.


Dr. Morgan Menefee
Osawatomie Public Library
[email protected]