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The “List of 55” for 2022

Curious about what sort of work City staff and the Governing Body will be undertaking in 2022?

At the January 13th, 2022, meeting of City Council, a work list of 55 key projects was presented and approved to serve as the framework for major work to accomplish and work toward this year.

Some of these projects are continuations from work started in 2020 and 2021, and others are brand new endeavors. Projects range from installing bike racks in key areas of town to critical repair work on the wastewater treatment plant and other pieces of major infrastructure.

Interested in what projects made the Big List for 2022? Check out the file below, and read more about the initiative in the agenda packet for the January 13th, 2022, council meeting.

Additionally, you can listen to City Manager Mike Scanlon talk about the List of 55 in his January 14th, 2022, “Weekend Update” YouTube video!