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Seeking Tourism Committee Applicants

The City of Osawatomie is seeking applicants for the newly reformed Tourism Committee! Applications will be accepted through February 9th, 2022 and eligible applicants will be considered for appointment at the February 10th, 2022 regular City Council meeting.

APPLY NOW (Download Fillable PDF – Return to [email protected])

In accordance with the Governing Body’s policies on the appointments to advisory bodies, the Governing Body shall appoint seven members to the Committee. The Tourism Committee shall consist of at least one representative from each of the Signature Events. Each member shall be a resident, property owner, business owner/operator in the 66064 zip code. Three other voting members shall be appointed from the community-at-large. The Committee’s membership shall also include three ex-officio (non-voting) members: one Council member, who shall be appointed as a liaison, the City Manager, or his or her designee, and the Executive Director of the Osawatomie Chamber of Commerce.

Each Committee member shall be appointed to a term of two years; provided, that of those first appointed to the Committee, four shall have a term expiring at the end of 2023 and three shall have a term expiring at the end of 2024. Following initial appointment, members shall serve a term of two years beginning on January 1 of the appointed year. In the case of a vacancy on the Committee, it shall be filled by appointment for the unexpired term only and according to the resolution on advisory board appointments (Resolution 664).

Committee members shall serve until resignation or replacement on the Committee.

The Committee shall meet at least four times per year, or more often as deemed necessary by the Committee Chairman or at least three of the Committee members. The Committee will meet with the Signature Event sponsoring committees at least twice a year (one meeting previous to the event and at one meeting post event). The Committee shall also meet when called upon by the City Council or City Manager to consider a special issue.

Within the guidelines of the Governing Body’s resolution for advisory bodies, the Committee shall choose its own officers, determine the time and place for its meetings. And follow the model meeting code known as the “Code of Procedure for Kansas Cities,” Third Edition (2017). The Committee shall also provide the City Clerk with adequate notice of the date and time of its next meeting and agenda and with copies of the minutes of its proceedings. A majority of its duly appointed committee shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of its business.

The role of the Tourism Committee shall include (1) provide support to Signature Event Committees (2) make recommendations to the Governing Body on tourism and marketing policies; (3) assist in developing a strategic tourism and marketing plan for the City; (4) review and make recommendations on the expenditure of transient guest tax revenues collected by the City; (5) provide input and review of the City Manager’s submitted budget related to signature events which shall occur annually before July 1st.

Click Here to review the newly adopted Resolution regarding the Tourism Committee.

APPLY NOW (Download Fillable PDF – Return to [email protected])