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Pop-Up Planning Center

We’re pleased to announce that our Oz Commons project is entering a new phase: pop-up planning! This temporary Planning Center is open Tuesday through Friday, 9:00am to 4:30pm at 545 Main Street in downtown Osawatomie. The doors officially opened Wednesday, August 18th, and we’ll be set up until September 15th. This pop-up is an extension of our previous community meetings and online attendance options. We’re hoping to catch those who were unable to attend our evening sessions earlier this month, and bring more attention to our downtown district and its possibilities. As we move through the planning center process, we might find ourselves open for later nights or weekend hours.

Come see us anytime over the next few weeks and learn more about our Oz Commons Downtown Redevelopment Planning project. We have feedback activities onsite, plus copies of our survey. Let’s chat! Bring your neighbor, a friend, or your entire staff! We’d love to see you.

Also… Talk about a facelift! Pat and Angie Hoskins of Pat’s Signs have done an unbelievable job with the renovation of this space, and we are simply blown away by their passion and vision for their community. Thanks for letting us showcase all your hard work, guys! The space alone is worth a visit.