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News Release from the City Manager’s Office Regarding the Keeping of Fowl

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Osawatomie KS 66064
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February 12, 2021 [email protected]
913-755-2146 x103


Osawatomie, Kansas – The City of Osawatomie City Council voted to approve a proposed ordinance amendment at the February 11th, 2021, regular council meeting that would permit the keeping of certain fowl within City limits. In an eggshell, this means that residents of Osawatomie are now welcome to keep chickens (hens only) on residential property inside the City limits.

Director of Community Development Ed Beaudry was glad to see this issue come before City Council, and is looking forward to working with interested residents to ensure happy neighbors and healthy flocks. “Raising chickens comes with a lot of benefits to the owner, such as a food source and the potential for supplemental income, so I’m happy to see our residents get the opportunity to invest in a venture like this. But I also know that chickens require a lot more upkeep than many might realize, so I’m really glad that Council approved a set of maintenance and permitting requirements to keep neighbors happy and our community clean and sanitary,” said Beaudry.

Ordinance No. 3791 can be found in full on our website at and details limitations on the number of hens per property, etc. For more information on the ordinance, including permitting requirements and building codes related to the construction of coops and other structures, please contact Ed Beaudry at 913-755-2146 x102 or by email at [email protected]