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When the City of Osawatomie was first incorporated in 1883, the community had already been in existence for almost 30 years.  However, the citizens of the community had decided that it wanted to become legal entity and have input and control over their town's destiny.  Incorporation meant being able to decide for themselves the issues of streets and infrastructure, public safety, community and business growth, and quality of life.  We honor that action by safeguarding the democratic process that created the City of Osawatomie by continuing to build a community that values public input, accountability and community pride.

The City of Osawatomie is a municipal corporation recognized under the Kansas statutes as a city of the second class, meaning a city with a population between 2,000 and 15,000.  In 1977, the City adopted the Mayor-Council-Manager form of government, which provides for an Mayor elected at large, a City Council elected by wards, and a City Manager hired by the Council to manage the daily operations of the City.

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