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Demolition of 1926 Parker

The house at 1926 Parker came down this week. It went through multiple inspections, including a final inspection by the Kansas Historical Society, before demolition. The house, completed in or around 1904 by Charles Adair (son to Rev. Samuel Adair), sits near the original location of the Adair Cabin.

In 2014, the Kansas Archaeological Society conducted an archeological dig on the property to uncover pre-Civil War artifacts and other historical memorabilia. A portion of those artifacts will soon be on display at the John Brown Museum State Historic Site inside John Brown Memorial Park as part of a long-term loan from the State.

The City of Osawatomie worked with the John Brown Foundation to determine the future of the property, and after inspections it was decided that the structure was too far deteriorated to try and salvage. Since the history of the property lies in the ground rather than in the farmhouse, officials made the decision to carefully demolish the building while preserving the cabin’s footprint for future historical efforts.

While the house was never on any historical registry, we are hoping that the removal of the structure will allow a clearer path for the original cabin site to be our next ticket onto the National Register of Historic Places.