City Manager

City Manager

Under the Mayor-Council-Manager form of Government, the City Manager is responsible for the administration of all the affairs of the City. The Manager supervises all department heads and is responsible for all employees of the City.

The City Manager is also required to prepare and submit the annual budget to the City Council. The Manager keeps the the City Council advised of the City's financial condition and also makes recommendations to the Council on all matters of the welfare of the City. The City Manager not only acts as staff to the City Council, but also has a non-voting seat at City Council meetings.

Besides management of all of the City departments, the City Manager is directly involved in many of the administrative and planning functions of the City, such as human resources, financial management, economic development, planning and zoning, and communications.

Deputy City Manager

The Deputy City Manager reports directly to the City Manager. The Deputy City Manager serves as Acting City Manager in the absence of the City Manager and is responsible for all of the City’s infrastructure, including the long-term operations of the Public Works Department and Utility Departments. The Deputy City Manager spearheads any projects that face these departments and handles citizen questions, concerns or complaints as related to these departments.

Assistant City Manager | Public Information Officer

The Assistant City Manager is responsible for the soft infrastructure departments within the City, such as the Public Library and Museum, as well as assisting with community development projects and major grant writing. The Assistant City Manager acts as a liaison for the City Manager when necessary and serves as the Staff Designee on many of the City's public service boards or commissions. Working alongside the City Manager and other Department Directors, the Assistant City Manager assists with research, analytics, and technical projects for the City of Osawatomie.

The Assistant City Manager also serves as the City's Public Information Officer and handles the bulk of public communications for the organization. Duties include administration of the City's official website and social media pages, newsletters and other media, and fielding inquiries from the public.


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Michael Scanlon City Manager (913) 755-2146 Ext. 107
Samantha Moon Assistant City Manager | Public Information Officer (913) 755-2146 Ext. 103
Bret Glendening Deputy City Manager (913) 755-2146 Ext. 101