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City Administration

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City Manager
Deputy City Manager
City Clerk
Human Resources
Planning & Zoning

City Manager

Under the Mayor-Council-Manager form of Government, the City Manager is responsible for the administration of all the affairs of the City. The Manager supervises all department heads and is responsible for all employees of the City.

The City Manager is also required to prepare and submit the annual budget to the City Council. The Manager keeps the City Council advised of the City’s financial condition and also makes recommendations to the Council on all matters of the welfare of the City. The City Manager not only acts as staff to the City Council, but also has a non-voting seat at City Council meetings.

Besides management of all of the City departments, the City Manager is directly involved in many of the administrative and planning functions of the City, such as human resources, financial management, economic development, planning, zoning and communications.

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Deputy City Manager

The Deputy City Manager reports directly to the City Manager. The Deputy City Manager serves as Acting City Manager in the absence of the City Manager and is responsible for all of the City’s infrastructure, including the day-to-day operations of the Public Works Department and Utility Departments. The Deputy City Manager spearheads any projects that face these departments and handles citizen questions, concerns or complaints as related to these departments.

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City Clerk

The role of the City Clerk can best described as the guardian of the City’s historical record. The Clerk has numerous administrative responsibilities:

  • Serves as custodian of all ordinances, official city records, and the official seal.
  • Notarizes official copies of all ordinances, contracts, and other documents.
  • Records all regular and special City Council meetings and prepares minutes.
  • Keeps a record of all appointments to the City Council, boards, and committees.
  • Publishes all ordinances, resolutions, or other notices required by law or ordinance.
  • Prepares and maintains all accounting records.
  • Keeps an accurate account of all bonds and debt issued by the city.
  • Maintains a record of all special assessments.
  • Administers the oath of office for all elected and appointed officials.

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Human Resources / Cemetery

The Human Resources Department is responsible for activities dealing with city personnel. This includes processing payroll for all employees, maintaining personnel records, and employee benefits.

This department also handles cemetery operations and records maintenance.

Cemetery and Cemetery Services

Current Job Openings
Employment Application

Planning & Zoning

Application and Permit

Download and print a Building Permit Application or Contractor’s Registration Application.

Email completed applications to [email protected] Be sure to include your contact information!

Department Overview

The Building, Planning and Zoning Department assists the city by providing for orderly growth, planning for appropriate land use, the preservation of resources for the future, and enforcement of codes. The planning director, also known as the Director of Community Development, serves as the staff liaison for the Planning Commission and the Board of Zoning Appeals. Staff administers the Comprehensive Plan and zoning and subdivision regulations. The planning department coordinates and manages implementation and revision for the comprehensive plan and the Capital Improvement Plan.

Code Enforcement

Another way the department serves the public is through enforcement of building codes. Certified inspectors review all construction within the city for compliance and assist builders and residents with construction methods. The inspectors also oversee the licensing of electricians, plumbers, and gas fitters, and serve as staff liaison to contractor appeal boards.

Code Enforcement Officers are a sworn-in inspector and investigator specializing in the prevention, detection, and enforcement of violations of laws. Enforcement officers ensure that businesses and people are in compliance with public health, safety, public works, consumer protection, business activities, building standards, municipal affairs, and more.

Not only does code enforcement protect the safety and wellbeing of the public, but enforcement officers are also essential in ensuring safe working conditions at places of employment.

Other Information

If you are interested in developing land, splitting, or vacating a parcel of land, rezoning or requesting a variance to our zoning ordinance or subdivision regulations, building inspections, or environmental codes enforcement, please contact us at City Hall.

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