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Cemeteries and Cemetery Services

Duties of the Cemetery Department and/or Contracted Cemetery Manager(s)

  • Arranging burial services
  • Maintaining and enforcing City of Osawatomie Cemetery Policies and Procedures
  • Curating and maintaining burial records
  • Sale and transfer of burial plots

Note: The city is no longer selling spaces in Oakwood or Elmdale Cemeteries.

The City of Osawatomie owns three municipal cemeteries (Oakwood, Elmdale, and Osawatomie Cemetery). The daily management of these cemeteries is performed under a management contract held by a license funeral director at a local funeral home. Under this management contract, the City still maintains all payment processing and deed work as dictated by Kansas State Statutes. The Cemetery Manager(s) coordinates all other aspects of cemetery maintenance, such as the sale of burial spaces, grave opening/closing permits, stone setting permits, interments, and other regular activities.

Historical and/or Genealogical Records

Historical records are kept in perpetuity at Osawatomie City Hall. Records requests should be directed to City Offices, care of the Cemetery Clerk. A digital records archive is in progress as of February 2022 but not every record is currently available in digital format. Please contact the Cemetery Clerk for assistance with historical records or questions on genealogical studies.


Cemetery Clerk
Samantha Moon
City Offices
913-755-2146 x103
8:00am – 4:30pm | Monday thru Friday

Emily McCrea and/or Loren McCrea
Eddy-Birchard Funeral Home
8:00am – 5:00pm | Monday thru Friday
8:00am – 12:00pm | Saturday

Cemetery Fees

Single Grave (Resident)$150
Single Grave (66064 Address)$250
Single Grave (Non-Resident)$400
Opening and Closing (Weekday)$615$385$385
Opening and Closing (Saturday)$755$525$525
Opening and Closing (Sunday)$865$635$635
Opening and Closing (Holiday)$1,065$835$835
Rock Graves (Jackhammer Required)$1,205
Disinterment (Family Requested)
– Must have vault company present to remove vault
2x Orig. Cost
Re-Interment – Same as O/C Costs$600 + Mileage
Grave Opening Permit – During Business Hours$35
Grave Opening Permit – Outside Business Hours$90
Stone Setting Permit
(Single, Double, Corner Markers)
Stone Setting Permit
Disinterment Permit$100
Stone Setting Bond Million Liability Insurance$300
Afterhours Arrival (After 4pm) – Per Half Hour$50

Click here to download the Cemetery Fee table.

Cemetery Maintenance

Operation & Maintenance
Beginning in 2022, cemetery property maintenance (mowing, weeding) will be performed by a contracted third party landscaping business, and complaints regarding the physical upkeep of cemetery properties should be directed to City Hall offices for investigation and follow-up.

Memorial Day Flower Placement
Flowers and other approved arrangements may be placed on graves after 5 p.m. the Friday before Memorial Day and must be picked up within seven full days after Memorial Day. Any remaining arrangements, or arrangements that are in violation of our ordinances, will be removed at the discretion of our Cemetery Foreman.

Cemetery Code

Click here to access the City of Osawatomie’s City Code book online.