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Public Works

Brown Avenue Street Repair Bid Awarded

The City of Osawatomie’s “Paving the Way” program is kicking into high gear this year with the first ground breaking in the highly-anticipated street repair and replacement project. At the April 14th, 2022, regular meeting of City Council, the Governing Body awarded the construction contract for Brown Avenue from 16th Street to 18th Street to low-bidder Killough Construction for $730,396.00.

Killough Construction is based out of Ottawa, Kansas and roadwork starts this summer on the full removal and asphalt replacement. The following table of tasks is the work plan for the remainder of tasks related to Brown Avenue’s repair plan. City staff is simultaneously continuing design work for the other streets slated for 2022 repair or replacement (Main Street Terrace from 18th Street to 16th Street, Walnut Avenue from 6th Street to 4th Street, 18th Street from Main Street to Brown Avenue).

Staff also continues to work on the designs for the streets in line for 2023 replacement, including the entire stretch of 6th Street from Lincoln to Kelly and Brown Avenue from 7th to 12th.

For more information on Paving the Way, visit the project’s main page.

Project Task ListEstimated Completion Date
Construction Contract AwardApril 2022 (Done)
Notice to Proceed for ConstructionJune 2022
Construction CompletionAugust 2022
This table outlines the remaining steps for the first section of Brown Avenue’s reconstruction plan.

City Seeking Applicants for Public Works Director

The City of Osawatomie is seeking applicants for the position of Public Works Director due to the retirement announcement of the incumbent director. This position is full-time and eligible for full benefits including KPERS and ICMA retirements. The full job description can be downloaded here.

Job Description

The full job description can be downloaded here.

As a Department Director, the primary purpose of this position is to manage, plan, direct and review the daily activities and operations of Streets and Alleys, Parks and Cemeteries, Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance, Stormwater, and the Flood Protection System. Essential duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Plans, directs, and coordinates the activities of the Streets, Alleys, Parks, Lakes, Cemeteries, Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance, Stormwater, and Levee System
  • Establishes standards, plans, schedules, and procedures for operating, and maintaining the City’s Street and Alleys infrastructure and maintenance policies and procedures for Parks, Lakes, Cemeteries, Vehicles and Equipment, and Levees
  • Recruits, selects and supervises employees within the Departments
  • Attends City Council Meeting and advisory board meetings as needed and responds to questions and complaints from the General Public
  • Assist in developing the annual budgets and capital improvement needs in support of long-range planning of City capital improvement plans or initiatives for each department with assistance from the various departments, and collectively monitor the progress of the budget throughout each fiscal year
  • Hire, assign, supervise, and evaluate superintendents and other staff. Assist with hiring and evaluation of other City personnel and ensures that his/her and all employees under his/her direction, comply with the City’s Personnel and Policy Rules and Regulations, safety and security standards
  • Assists with City functions and special events and works on-call to handle emergency work as required or necessary
  • Works with Engineers on projects, with the objective of keeping projects on schedule, and within budget
  • Carefully monitor work done by outside firms, including engineers and contractors, to ensure the work being done is of high quality, and in the best interest of the city
  • Demonstrate continuous effort to improve operations, decrease turnaround times, streamline work processes, minimize over-time, and work cooperatively and jointly to provide high-quality customer service
  • Role model the values of the organization through example and accountabilities
  • Facilitate solutions to problems facing the departments
  • All other duties as assigned

The Public Works Director is an important leadership position with high levels of responsibility. The Public Works Director reports to the Deputy City Manager and works closely with other Department Directors on a number of critical infrastructure projects.

To Apply

Interested persons should send a PDF binder containing a cover letter, resume, and at least one letter of reference or recommendation to:

Samantha Moon
Assistant to the City Manager
[email protected]

The cover letter should include the applicant’s salary requirements and explain any gaps in employment or experience. Applicant binders are due no later than April 29th, 2022. The position will remain open until filled.

Notice to Residents of Survey Work for Street Repair

Longtime City partner BG Consultants, a Lawrence-based firm specializing in architecture; civil engineering; structural engineering; mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering; planning; and surveying, will be in Osawatomie over the next two weeks performing survey and data collection work as part of the City’s street repair goal.

This serves as a general notice to advise residents and business owners (particularly in residential neighborhoods that will be impacted by street projects in 2022 and 2023) that the survey crews will be in and around their neighborhood streets and will need to be on their property in some instances to conduct survey work necessary to perform design services on these streets.

Paving the Way Q+A Sessions

Curious about our upcoming PAVING THE WAY street repair project? Want to know more about how the project is being funded? Have questions about the proposed sales tax increase you’ll be seeing on the November ballot?

Come see us!

We’re hosting two come-and-go town hall Q+A sessions on September 22nd and October 6th, and we would love to chat with you about any concerns or questions you have regarding PAVING THE WAY. Each session is open from 3:00pm to 7:00pm at our pop-up planning center located at 545 Main Street in downtown Osawatomie.

Learn more at

Mosquito Treatment Update


  • Mosquito treatment cannot be scheduled in advance. As we’ve done in previous years, the City will treat on an as-needed basis as weather conditions and demand requires.
  • The City plans to treat THURSDAY evening (6/10/2021) of this week, weather permitting!
  • The City will treat ONLY in the late evening. We do our best to post on our Facebook page and website in advance of when we plan to treat.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Why only “as-needed”?

In an effort to not waste resources, the City instead has been using more larvacides (which treat the water and help prevent mosquitoes from emerging as biting adults), but will continue treating with the fogging adulticide to help eradicate the biting adults.

How dangerous are these chemicals?

We recommend keeping pets and children out of the yard for at least an hour after treatment just as a precaution, and we ask that you close your windows before treatment begins. We only treat between in the late evening, usually between the hours of 9:00pm and 1:00am after most other desirables (like butterflies and bees) have “gone home” for the night. The dosage of adulticide used in treatment is specially formulated to target those ultra-lightweight mosquitoes, and they are 100x more susceptible to it than the average weight honey bee.

What can I do to help my neighborhood?

The most impactful thing you can do is to locate and address sources of standing water on your property by either emptying the container regularly or using bacterial insecticide, which is safe, inexpensive and available at many hardware stores. Common sources of standing water include:

Rain gutters
Wading pools
Bird baths

Old tires

Pet and livestock dishes or troughs
Water holding low areas
Garbage can lids

If you have questions about our mosquito treatment procedure, please call our Public Works Department at 913-755-4525