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Pop-Up Planning Center

We’re pleased to announce that our Oz Commons project is entering a new phase: pop-up planning! This temporary Planning Center is open Tuesday through Friday, 9:00am to 4:30pm at 545 Main Street in downtown Osawatomie. The doors officially opened Wednesday, August 18th, and we’ll be set up until September 15th. This pop-up is an extension of our previous community meetings and online attendance options. We’re hoping to catch those who were unable to attend our evening sessions earlier this month, and bring more attention to our downtown district and its possibilities. As we move through the planning center process, we might find ourselves open for later nights or weekend hours.

Come see us anytime over the next few weeks and learn more about our Oz Commons Downtown Redevelopment Planning project. We have feedback activities onsite, plus copies of our survey. Let’s chat! Bring your neighbor, a friend, or your entire staff! We’d love to see you.

Also… Talk about a facelift! Pat and Angie Hoskins of Pat’s Signs have done an unbelievable job with the renovation of this space, and we are simply blown away by their passion and vision for their community. Thanks for letting us showcase all your hard work, guys! The space alone is worth a visit.

Free Chlorine Burnout 2021

As part of its regular maintenance program, the City is conducting a free chlorine burnout of its water distribution system beginning today (August 16th, 2021) and continuing through September 16th, 2021. Periodically, the use of free chlorine (which is stronger and faster-acting than our regularly used combined chlorine) is necessary to ensure a thorough clean of the entire water system.

During the burnout, customers may notice open fire hydrants in town as we flush the system of any sediments and force the free chlorine through the lines. It is important to note that though there may be some odor or cloudiness in the water, it is harmless and safe to drink and use normally. We recommend letting your taps run until clear if you notice a change.

Customers who use tap water for in-home kidney dialysis should consult their doctor to determine if any changes are necessary in their residual disinfectant neutralization process. Customers using tap water for aquariums should monitor both free and combined chlorine residuals.

For questions or more information regarding this burnout process, contact the City’s Water Treatment Plant at (913) 755 4138.

Demolition of 1926 Parker

The house at 1926 Parker came down this week. It went through multiple inspections, including a final inspection by the Kansas Historical Society, before demolition. The house, completed in or around 1904 by Charles Adair (son to Rev. Samuel Adair), sits near the original location of the Adair Cabin.

In 2014, the Kansas Archaeological Society conducted an archeological dig on the property to uncover pre-Civil War artifacts and other historical memorabilia. A portion of those artifacts will soon be on display at the John Brown Museum State Historic Site inside John Brown Memorial Park as part of a long-term loan from the State.

The City of Osawatomie worked with the John Brown Foundation to determine the future of the property, and after inspections it was decided that the structure was too far deteriorated to try and salvage. Since the history of the property lies in the ground rather than in the farmhouse, officials made the decision to carefully demolish the building while preserving the cabin’s footprint for future historical efforts.

While the house was never on any historical registry, we are hoping that the removal of the structure will allow a clearer path for the original cabin site to be our next ticket onto the National Register of Historic Places.

Missing Teen Found Alive, Unharmed

Bryant A. Clancy, 18, was found alive and unharmed late Wednesday evening on property near the city limits. Bryant, who has autism, had been missing since early Tuesday morning.

We wish to extend our deepest thanks to Osawatomie Police Department, Osawatomie Fire Department, Miami County Sheriff’s Office, Kansas Highway Patrol, Missouri Search and Rescue K9, and the countless other agencies and community members who took up the search over the last two days.

There are no further details at this hour; more information will be made available tomorrow, Thursday, August 12th, 2021.

Missing Osawatomie Teenager

PRESS RELEASE – August 11th, 2021

Update 8:00pm 8/11/2021 – Earlier this evening, Osawatomie Police Chief David Stuteville met informally with a group of concerned citizens who wanted to help conduct on-the-ground searches of local neighborhoods the surrounding areas. He gave them the same information that is provided within the press release attached below, and delivered brief remarks about how to be safe while searching. It is important to note that while we greatly appreciate the willingness of our community to come together and assist in the search for Bryant, we must ask that residents exert caution — we do not want to have to send search and rescue teams after the volunteer search teams. If you feel called to action, please be safe, be smart, and stay cool. Above all else, remember to keep your eyes and ears open and report any information to the Miami County Sheriff’s Office at 913-294-3232 or dial 911 should you come into contact with Bryant directly.

The City of Osawatomie will provide updates here on our website as information becomes available.

Original Post 4:20pm 8/11/2021 – Please see the attached press release regarding missing Osawatomie teenager Bryant Clancy (downloadable PDF linked below).

Osawatomie Police Chief David Stuteville and other emergency responders held a live press conference at 3:30pm this afternoon with regional news agencies to bring greater awareness to the search efforts.

If you have any information on Bryant or his disappearance, please contact the Miami County Sheriff’s Office at 913-294-3232. If you should come into contact with Bryant, who has autism, do not try to engage with him — immediately dial 911 and alert officers to your location.

Happening Tonight! Oz Commons Community Meeting #2

Join us TONIGHT at the Osawatomie Middle School cafeteria for a second opportunity to participate in activities and talk to the consultant team. We are hosting an additional meeting if you missed us on July 27th! This is a come-and-go format so stop by anytime from 6:00pm-8:00pm. We hope to see you there!

Masks are strongly recommended for individuals without a COVID-19 vaccination or as an extra precaution. The staff and consultant team will provide masks and hand sanitizer for participants. If you feel unwell or think you may have been exposed to COVID-19, stay tuned for more online options.

Get caught up on our project at!

(NOW CLOSED) Oz Commons Virtual Attendance

**These virtual options are now closed. Thank you to everyone who was able to participate! Keep your eyes peeled for our next round of engagement and communication!**

Did you miss our first in-person community meeting, or do you simply prefer to participate virtually? Starting at 9:00 AM Tuesday, August 3rd to 9 AM Wednesday August 4th you can participate in similar virtual activities! See below, or visit the project website and scroll to Project Updates and Upcoming Events, to complete as many of these virtual alternatives as you’d like.

*Please note, if you attended the in-person meeting on July 27th, or plan on attending the meeting on August 5th, you don’t need to complete these activities as they are meant as a substitute and to gather the same input.


  1. Mapping Activity

Click here to access a map and place markers in areas of opportunity or challenge.

  • Instructions for Mapping
    • Zoom in and out of the map by using the +/- buttons on the bottom right of your screen or scrolling in and out
    • Move the map by clicking and dragging
    • To place a marker, find the Marker icon in the top of your screen under the search bar (looks like a pin icon)
    • Once you locate where you want to add your marker, simply click on the map
    • A pop-up box will appear. Add a title and description of what you’d like the City and consultant team to know about this location
    • Hit Save and you’re done! Add as many markers as you would like

2. Oz Commons Survey #2 – Click here to access a survey to share your ideas for the future of Osawatomie and preferences for development!

3. Ideas Worksheet (Fillable PDF) – Download and fill out this PDF to rank your preferences for different amenities and development. Then, email your completed worksheet to [email protected]

Oz Commons Community Meeting (#2)

Join us on Thursday, August 5th at the Osawatomie Middle School cafeteria for a second opportunity to participate in feedback activities and talk to the consultant team for the Oz Commons downtown redevelopment planning process.

If you missed the July 27th meeting, this is your next chance to share your opinion and learn more about the project. This is a casual come-and-go format, so stop by anytime from 6:00pm-8:00pm. Activities will be the same from the July meeting, so if you attended that one there’s no need for a repeat (unless you just really love talking about Osawatomie’s development!).

If you haven’t already, please take 10 minutes and complete our project survey: (We’ve had over 300 residents take the survey so far! Amazing!)

Unfamiliar with Oz Commons? Get caught up here:

**Masks are strongly recommended for individuals without a COVID-19 vaccination or as an extra precaution. The staff and consultant team will provide masks and hand sanitizer for participants. If you feel unwell or think you may have been exposed to COVID-19, please stay tuned for online options.**