City Offices Closed Thursday/Friday for Thanksgiving Holiday
City Offices Closed Thursday/Friday for Thanksgiving Holiday
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RESCHEDULED! Lights on the Lake Parade


Due to the threat of incoming severe weather, Osawatomie’s annual Lights on the Lake parade has been RESCHEDULED to 11:00am Saturday, June 26th, 2021. Out of respect for an already scheduled funeral service, the parade route will begin at 3rd Street and we ask that parade spectators and participants leave Main Street parking between 1st and 3rd open for funeral home use.

If you have already registered for the parade, event organizers should have sent out the email with the lineup change and new map. Please direct questions to those organizers!

If you live or work along Main Street between 3rd and 12th, please have your vehicle moved by tomorrow morning. For residents that live on 3rd St from Main to Brown or on Brown from 3rd to 5th, your neighborhood is the new staging area for the parade. We have someone hand-delivering flyers to your residence this afternoon to help alert you to this change.

Our parade is usually rain or shine, but your safety is always our top priority and tonight’s forecast looks like a lot more than just rain.

We’ll see everyone tomorrow morning to kickoff a great weekend of activities!

The former John Brown Jamboree parade down Main Street (photo undated).

*In the event of severe weather tomorrow morning, the parade will be cancelled. There will not be another opportunity for a reschedule.*

Mosquito Treatment Update


  • Mosquito treatment cannot be scheduled in advance. As we’ve done in previous years, the City will treat on an as-needed basis as weather conditions and demand requires.
  • The City plans to treat THURSDAY evening (6/10/2021) of this week, weather permitting!
  • The City will treat ONLY in the late evening. We do our best to post on our Facebook page and website in advance of when we plan to treat.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Why only “as-needed”?

In an effort to not waste resources, the City instead has been using more larvacides (which treat the water and help prevent mosquitoes from emerging as biting adults), but will continue treating with the fogging adulticide to help eradicate the biting adults.

How dangerous are these chemicals?

We recommend keeping pets and children out of the yard for at least an hour after treatment just as a precaution, and we ask that you close your windows before treatment begins. We only treat between in the late evening, usually between the hours of 9:00pm and 1:00am after most other desirables (like butterflies and bees) have “gone home” for the night. The dosage of adulticide used in treatment is specially formulated to target those ultra-lightweight mosquitoes, and they are 100x more susceptible to it than the average weight honey bee.

What can I do to help my neighborhood?

The most impactful thing you can do is to locate and address sources of standing water on your property by either emptying the container regularly or using bacterial insecticide, which is safe, inexpensive and available at many hardware stores. Common sources of standing water include:

Rain gutters
Wading pools
Bird baths

Old tires

Pet and livestock dishes or troughs
Water holding low areas
Garbage can lids

If you have questions about our mosquito treatment procedure, please call our Public Works Department at 913-755-4525

COVID-19 Mask Mandate: Repealed

May 14, 2021


Osawatomie, Kansas – At the regularly scheduled meeting on May 13th, 2021, the Governing Body of the City of Osawatomie unanimously voted to approve Ordinance No. 3795, which formally repeals Ordinance No. 3783. Per City of Osawatomie policy, this action by City Council will go into effect after the Ordinance is published in the Miami County Republic on May 19th, 2021.

Beginning on May 19th, masks and other face coverings will no longer be required in public spaces. Businesses and other private industries may, at their discretion, request that customers and/or staff members continue the practice at their facilities.

The City of Osawatomie continues to encourage residents to receive the COVID-19 vaccine if they are eligible, and will assist any interested resident make the appropriate contact with the Miami County Health Department.


[email protected]
913-755-2146 x 103

News Release: Creamery Bridge Anticipated Timeline of Repair

April 9, 2021


Osawatomie, Kansas – City Manager Mike Scanlon toured the damage at the Creamery Bridge (8th Street) on Tuesday, April 6th, 2021, with Miami County Engineering Project Manager Matt Oehlert. Scanlon and Oehlert discussed the next steps necessary and the areas of repair that would be needed; primarily, the vertical hangers inside the south east arch in the northbound lane of the bridge.

            Officials estimate that it will take an estimated 90-100 days to prepare specifications and submit permits for approvals to conduct the repairs (noting that this is an historic structure and all work will require approval by the State of Kansas); bid the repairs to be made this summer (2021); begin repairs in mid-late summer (2021); complete necessary repairs by the end summer/early fall (2021). During this process, officials must also certify the structure for the loads that can be carried and modify any signage required. Following the successful completion of these steps, the bridge and its roadways will be opened after construction completion in the fall of 2021.

            The historic bridge was damaged on April 1st, 2021, following a motor vehicle accident and was subsequently closed to all traffic due to safety concerns. Updates regarding the bridge and other City news can be found at


Sam Moon, Public Information Officer
[email protected]
913-755-2146 x103

Bridge Closed: 8th Street (Creamery)

Due to damage sustained in an accident, the 8th Street bridge (Creamery Bridge) is closed until further notice. Please use an alternate route. This closure includes Plum Creek Road from Osawatomie City Limits to 335th Street.

An employee of Miami County accidentally hit parts of the bridge and caused damage to some support pillars. The County is awaiting an inspection to gauge the level of damage and to determine the repairs that will be required. Once there’s a plan for repairs, we will be able to provide residents with a better calendar for when the bridge might be accessible again.

If you have questions, please direct them to City Manager Mike Scanlon or Public Information Officer Sam Moon.