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Dates to Remember

City Facilities Re-Open
February 1st, 2021
City Council Meeting
February 11th, 2021

What's Happening

at City Council

At the January 28th meeting, councilmembers approved a resolution directing staff to explore how to best expand our pilot Food Truck Wednesday program. City Staff will be working with the Chamber of Commerce to come up with a plan that includes food trucks AND our local restaurateurs.

If you know of any food trucks or artisans that would like to get involved in Food Truck Phase 2.0, please direct them to Dee Leach at City Hall or Kari Bradley with the Osawatomie Chamber.

Think of the First Fridays event in the Crossroads district of Kansas City -- if they can do it, why can't we?
Osawatomie Police Department

Dispatch Transition

As the City of Osawatomie and Osawatomie Police Department prepare to switch our dispatching over to the Sheriff's Office, be on the lookout for information on how the transition will and won't affect our public safety procedures.
We'll be distributing information throughout the month of February to prepare residents for this change in service.
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The south/southeastern portion of town may be affected by sporadic or prolonged outages next week.
Beginning Feb. 2nd, a contractor will be in town to replace a switch within the electric system that feeds one of three substations in town. In order to do this safely, the substation must be deenergized and crews will have to generate at the 7th St. substation.

In the map attached, the red outlined area may be affected by outages should the generation happen to fail. City Crews anticipate generating for eight (8) hours on Tuesday the 2nd and an additional four (4) hours on Wednesday the 3rd.

Miami County Comp Plan

You’re invited (and encouraged!) to attend the Miami County Comprehensive Plan Public Open House #1. You’ll be able to share insights, talk with the planning team, and review initial ideas and concepts about the future of the county. This open house will be hosted at the Osawatomie Municipal Auditorium from 5:30pm - 8:00pm on Thursday, February 25th, 2021! Masks and social distancing are required.

This event is FREE to the public and a great opportunity to learn more about what's happening in our community.

mico open house
Need a reminder? Click here to RSVP to the event on Facebook!

The Feb. 25th City Council meeting has been cancelled so that councilmembers and City staff can attend this open house.
While we continue work on the new website, certain functions may be unavailable. Please call us at 913-755-2146 and we'd be glad to help you access the information you need.

Coming Soon from the Osawatomie Chamber of Commerce

Wright Way Homes
Ribbon Cutting
February 9th, 2021
Legislative Breakfast
at OHS Auditorium
February 13th, 2021
Follow the Chamber | 913-755-4114
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