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City Council Meeting
(Agenda Available 4/16)
April 22nd, 2021
City Council Meeting
(Agenda Available 5/7)
May 13th, 2021
Making Progress at Mile Zero
The Mile Zero trailhead of the Flint Hills Trail continues to take shape as work nears completion on the Walker Station information kiosk and the restroom/recycling facilities. A quarter mile from the trailhead, another great amenity is almost ready for its grand opening: the pedestrian bridge! This bridge crosses a ditch near the mouth of the trail and will keep traffic moving cleanly and safely above the mud and muck of the drainage area. The bridge should be ready for traffic in the next two weeks, barring any weather disruptions.

Trail enthusiasts aren't waiting for the summer sun to get out and enjoy our newest recreation opportunity, and neither should you! Talk a walk on the trail after dinner today and see just how beautiful this space has become.
News Release: Creamery Bridge Anticipated Timeline of Repair

News Release: Creamery Bridge Anticipated Timeline of Repair

City Manager Mike Scanlon toured the damage at the Creamery Bridge (8th Street) on Tuesday, April 6th, 2021, with Miami County Engineering Project Manager Matt Oehlert. Scanlon and Oehlert discussed the next steps necessary and the areas of …

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City Manager Report

A very brief check-in from City Manager Mike Scanlon this week. He hits on two big resolutions passed by City Council last night and then gives a quick shout out to Dondlinger Construction for their great work on our trail bridge. Check it out!
City Manager Mike Scanlon presented an item during the April 8th meeting.

IN REVIEW: City Council Meeting, April 8th, 2021

At last night's City Council meeting, members of the Governing Body voted to approve all measures as presented. Council adopted Resolutions 859, 860, 861, 862, 863, and 864 along with Council Policies 108 and 109.
To read and review these documents, please visit us online and either download the agenda packet (which contains the supplemental material) or visit our Resolutions page (which is just the resolutions themselves). Full information on some of these resolutions, like the utility bill change, will be released at the start of next week!

Thank you to all the residents who showed up last night to voice their opinion and get involved in their community!

Job Openings

Hiring Signs_Hero_042419
The City of Osawatomie is currently hiring for several positions. Full time, part time, and seasonal work is available!
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