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Dates to Remember

City Council Meeting
March 11th, 2021
City Council Meeting
March 25th, 2021

Trail Work Nears Finish Line

Work on amenities at the Flint Hills Trail "Mile Zero" trailhead continues this week now that severe winter weather has moved out of the area. An informational kiosk and bathroom facilities are taking shape at the newly completed trailhead.

Utility Bill Information Coming Soon

As we come out the other side of last week's extreme winter weather and subsequent energy crisis, the conversation now turns to how these weather-related challenges will influence our utility bills.

The City is working diligently alongside our power and financial partners to bring you the most accurate information possible, and give you a good idea of what sort of increase to be expecting. Please know that we are in much better shape than some other municipalities in our pool, and we are hopeful that our increases will be modest in comparison to the others who did not fare as well.

We'll be releasing more detailed information about what to expect for your February bill on Monday, March 1st, after we receive more concrete numbers from our energy suppliers. Information will be available through our website and our social media channels, and will be published by our local media (Miami County Republic).
While we continue work on the new website, certain functions may be unavailable. Please call us at 913-755-2146 and we'd be glad to help you access the information you need.
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