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Day: July 19, 2022

Pre-Construction Progress for Brown Ave Repairs

Update – 7/27/2022 – Construction for Brown Avenue has been delayed due to excessive rain in the area. Construction is now anticipated to begin on August 8th, 2022, weather permitting.

Residents in and around Brown Avenue from 16th to 18th Streets will be receiving door hanger notices this week alerting them to upcoming construction traffic in their neighborhood as contractor and City staff prepare to break ground on the first set of street repairs under the Paving the Way program. The contractor surveyor will perform work next week and mobilization is scheduled to begin on August 1, 2022. Signage to alert to upcoming road work will be erected on the same day, with actual construction work beginning within 24 hours.

Construction will work West to East and continue for an estimated 45 days, with another 10 days allotted for final completion work. For the duration of the 55-day work period, crews will be working from 7:00am to 5:00pm except weather or other extenuating circumstance prevents it. Crews will not be working on weekends unless necessary, and the contractor will be required to give 24-hour notice for any work needing performed outside these times.

The contractor will work to the best of their ability to minimize disruptions to necessary neighborhood traffic and driveway access.

For More Information:

Michele Silsbee
Director of Public Works
[email protected]
913-755-2146 x231

Bret Glendening
Deputy City Manager
[email protected]
913-755-2146 x101