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Fire Department

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1. Is the fire department manned 24 hours?
2. Where is the station located?
3. Are you looking for volunteer firefighters?
4. How do I obtain a burn permit?

Golf Course

Home Page

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1. Do you have a drop box?
2. What are the electric rates?
3. What are the water rates?
4. What is the post office phone number?
5. Where is City Hall located?
6. What are the hours of operation at City Hall?
7. When is the next Council Meeting?

Planning, Zoning and Building

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1. Do I need a permit and how do I apply for one?
2. How do I get an inspection?
3. What building codes are being used?
4. Do I need a contractors license?


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1. How do I get a copy of a report?
2. When is court?
3. Who is the Chief of Police?
4. Can I pay my fine at the police department?
5. Does the OPD patrol the highway?

Recreational Facilities

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1. What types of recreation activities do you offer?
2. Do I need a fishing permit for the Osawatomie and/or Beaver Lake?
3. Can someone rent the swimming pool for a private event?

Rental Facilities

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1. How do I rent the Memorial Hall or Auditorium?


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1. When does my trash/recycling get picked up?
2. How much electric do we buy and how much do we generate?
3. What is the fuel adjustment?

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